Zho-Tse, Inc.

Welcome to Shageluk

Welcome to Zho-Tse, Inc. (Zhooo-tsay). We are a village corporation from Shageluk, Alaska, and our headquarters is in Anchorage, Alaska. We are the Deg Hita'an Athabascan people of the Innoko River. We were raised in a predominantly subsistence lifestyle; it is our legacy and our mission to develop innovative and diversified business opportunities, as well as partnerships and growth in order to ensure and enable our people's self-sufficiency, economic growth and heritage.

Operations of Zho-Tse, Inc. and subsidiaries include government contracting, fuel sales, long-term auto rentals and construction management. Our company also participates in various partnerships, joint ventures and other business activities. We welcome you to learn more about our village corporation, the work we do and to explore our capabilites.


To Protect our land, Preserve our culture, and Promote growth for our shareholders.


To work together to enrich our people, our traditional ways of life and to be a profitable corporation for our future shareholders.

Newsletter March 2016